It’s Back! Don’t Panic, the Unit 42 Podcast, Returns with New Episodes

Christopher Budd

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It’s time to “Don’t Panic” again!

Palo Alto Networks CSO Rick Howard and Palo Alto Networks Senior Director, Threat Intelligence Ryan Olson are back in the saddle with an all-new season of “Don’t Panic,” the official podcast of Unit 42, the Palo Alto Network threat intelligence team.

The first three episodes of the new season are posted and available for streaming via our Soundcloud page. In the next few weeks they will be available by additional streaming and downloading sources, too.

Give them a listen here:

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  1. This PODCAST was excellent use of 18 min of my time. Rick and Ryan did an excellent job in presenting the thing a person has to consider when they want to manage passwords.

    You are a credit to the Paloalto organization. I have been in security for 30 years and also worked with the Palo firewall product at Untied Health group. You kept a complex issue very simple.

    Sincerely, Ronald Solano

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