Cyberpedia: To the Point About Endpoint Security

Organizations are increasingly adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices. This has led to more endpoint devices connecting to more networks than ever before, and subsequently, an increase in vulnerable entry points for cybercriminals to target. Security vendors have worked to address the increase in threats with traditional tools, such as antivirus, as well as next-generation endpoint protection – what some analysts call Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection (STAP).

However, these tools have often proven to be ineffective. Knowing this, how do you inform business users about necessary endpoint protection and educate them on selecting the best endpoint offering?


Cyberpedia, the free cybersecurity encyclopedia from Palo Alto Networks, has a collection of endpoint security-focused articles that provide the insight necessary to confidently make informed purchase decisions.

Below are examples of Cyberpedia articles that will aid in your understanding of endpoint security:


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