Customer Spotlight: Law Firm Thwarts Ransomware with Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection

Rae Harrison


Pérez-Llorca, one of the premier law firms in Spain, was challenged with finding a solution that prevents the loss of sensitive client information, blocks ransomware and other cyberthreats, and avoids costs associated with remediating successful attacks. On several occasions, ransomware successfully infected the firm’s computers. While there was a robust backup system in place to rebuild the individual’s machine without paying the ransom and there was no loss of data due to encryptions, every successful attack was costly in terms of lost productivity for the lawyers and drained IT time.

It was in light of these costly incidents that Aitor Lasala, Chief Technology Officer at Pérez-Llorca, decided that the antivirus solution currently deployed on the firm’s endpoints was no longer adequate. Lasala consulted with Palo Alto Networks partner Grupo Antea, a firm Pérez-Llorca often relied on to assist in technology matters, for their opinion. After assessing Pérez-Llorca’s needs, Grupo Antea recommended Palo Alto Networks Traps advanced endpoint protection.

“The POC test convinced us that the Palo Alto Networks solution met all of our needs. Traps stopped every piece of known and unknown malware that had previously infected our endpoints. At the same time, Traps recognized our critical applications and allowed them to execute unimpeded.”

– Aitor Lasala, Chief Technology Officer at Pérez-Llorca

Find out how the firm was able to prevent successful ransomware attacks by deploying Palo Alto Networks Traps advanced endpoint protection by reading the Pérez-Llorca Customer Case Study.

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