2016 Predictions: What’s In Store for Cybersecurity?

Palo Alto Networks experts published a series of cybersecurity predictions for 2016 on topics ranging from healthcare and public cloud security to mobile security and the threat landscape in general.


  • Prediction 1: Joerg Sieber predicts how changes in marketing trends could impact web-based attacks in 2016.
  • Prediction 2: Brian Tokuyoshi predicts that the “what” will matter more than the “who” in mobile security.
  • Prediction 3: Matt Keil predicts public cloud security will move into the spotlight.
  • Prediction 4: Michael Moshiri predicts that growth in exploit-based attacks will require increased emphasis on prevention.
  • Prediction 5: Jonathan Lewis predicts the major trends that will gain prominence for service providers next year.
  • Prediction 6: Del Rodillas predicts the rise of mobility in the Industrial Internet of Things, and how attackers will also start to use it to compromise the automation environment.
  • Prediction 7: Matt Mellen predicts that healthcare technology advances will open up new attack vectors.
  • Prediction 8: Joerg Sieber predicts that rapid adoption of mobile payments will accelerate cybersecurity threats.
  • Prediction 9: Ryan Olson predicts the threat landscape changes we can expect in 2016.
  • Prediction 10: Scott Simkin predicts that cyberthreat intelligence sharing will go mainstream.
  • Prediction 11: Greg Day looks ahead to cybersecurity trends for the New Year.
  • Prediction 12: Will Howerton predicts executives will embrace accountability and action.
  • Prediction 13: Glenn Dasmalchi predicts there will be security with agility for firewalls and applications.
  • Prediction 14: Sean Duca details six cybersecurity predictions for Asia Pacific.

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