Listen to the New Unit 42 Podcast: Don’t Panic

unit 42 podcastGet the big picture on all things cybersecurity with the new “Don’t Panic” podcast, featuring members of Unit 42, the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence team.

In each episode we will discuss important cybersecurity topics with Unit 42 researchers and industry experts helping to shape the current the security landscape.



Episode 1
Don’t Panic: Cybersecurity Information Sharing
Host: Ryan Olson, Intelligence Director, Unit 42
Download here.

In this episode Rick Howard, Palo Alto Networks CSO, joins Ryan to discuss Cybersecurity Information Sharing and how threat alliance consortiums are advancing today. He also touches on cybersecurity’s impact on culture and media, covering the movie “The Imitation Game,” which you’ll need to see if you haven’t already. (Spoiler alert!)

Episode 2
Don’t Panic: Backdoored Cryptographic Systems
Host: Ryan Olson, Intelligence Director, Unit 42
Download here.

In this episode, Rick and Ryan discuss Backdoored Cryptographic Systems, and their impact on the overall security of the Internet. We also dive into how CSI: Cyber, and other crime shows, portray cyber attacks to the public.

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