VirusTotal Policy Changes Have No Impact On Palo Alto Networks Customers

What’s happened?

On Wednesday, May 4, VirusTotal cut off unlimited ratings access to companies that do not share their own evaluations of submitted research samples.

How does this impact Palo Alto Networks customers?

There is no impact to Palo Alto Networks customers or the protections our customers receive from us. VirusTotal will continue to provide subscribers, including Palo Alto Networks, access to all file samples. There is no change to the way we work with VirusTotal. Palo Alto Networks collects files samples from as many sources as possible. VirusTotal is one of many sources we use, but we do not rely on VirusTotal or any other third-party service to provide file verdict.

Palo Alto Networks relies on our WildFire cloud-based malware analysis environment to determine if a file is malware, greyware or benign based on static and dynamic analysis.

To learn more about WildFire, visit:

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  1. Hello! Does Palo Alto Networks provide samples to VirusTotal? The verbiage of VirusTotal’s site and the AMTSO recommendations indicate the sharing of samples is to be two-way, but IANAL and it may depend on what type of VirusTotal service is being consumed. Our INFOSEC folks want us to stop uploading directly to VirusTotal, but we are a Palo Alto Network customer (including Wildfire) so our files might end up there anyway. Thx.

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