What’s Old is New…

posted by: on June 30, 2010 1:13 PM

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An article on The Last Watchdog points out that the act if monitoring employee activities was not brought about by increased use of FaceBook or Twitter. It is in fact a time honored practice.
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Coping With An Inner Dialog

posted by: on June 23, 2010 11:01 AM

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At one point or another, everyone, including me, will say something that they did not mean to say, or say something that is taken the wrong way. The saying goes, open mouth, insert foot. Others may say I have difficulty coping with an inner dialog.
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Tune into Enterprise 2.0 Webcast Featuring Forrester Research

Palo Alto Networks’ Application Usage and Risk Report has regularly reported on the facts of Enterprise 2.0 application use in large organizations.  In many cases, users employ nearly any application they want, despite IT’s efforts at control.  But what about the reasons, causes, and concerns behind the adoption and use of Enterprise 2.0 applications?  What policies (if any) has enterprise IT developed to address these new applications, and how equipped are they to enforce them? …Continue reading

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