Financial Institutions: Join us at the FS-ISAC Summit on May 4-7

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One of the busiest sessions at our Ignite 2014 user conference was the Financial Services panel, where representatives from small and large institutions discussed security challenges unique to the financial sector. The discussion inevitably moved to cyberthreats and how to minimize the impact of targeted attacks. financial services

On the heels of this great event, we are happy to announce that Palo Alto Networks is now an official member of the FS-ISAC community and we are looking forward to contributing to the community and reporting back to our customers as an active participant.

The annual FS-ISAC Summit, May 4-7 in Florida, is around the corner, and several members of our executive team will be there to give you a deep dive on our innovative, integrated, and automated enterprise security platform. Some of the topics that we will cover include:

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Defending Industrial Control Systems Against Cyberthreats

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The attack at Natanz by the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), Stuxnet, was a game-changer in that it exposed the soft underbelly (read: weak security posture) of many industrial control systems (ICS).

To be sure, industry and individual organizations have made much progress since Stuxnet. There are more ICS-specific security standards and consortia, threat information sharing groups and CERTs, and new technologies available to specifically defend against these threats. But beyond the next wave of Stuxnets, Shamoons, Duqus and other yet to be discovered APTs, there are other internal and external factors asset owners need to be aware of when planning ICS security strategies. …Continue reading

Android to Wearables: The Big Challenges In Mobile Security

During Ignite 2014 we celebrated Parmy Olson as the first honoree in our Cybersecurity Canon project, recognizing her work for Forbes and her 2012 book, We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of Lulzsec, Anonymous and the Global Cyber Insurgency, for their role in having shaped, edified and advanced the discussion of modern cybersecurity issues.

Parmy joined us in the Ignite video room to talk about what we’ve learned as a cybersecurity community since Anonymous and what she sees as major trends in hacktivism, wearable tech and mobile security in general. Check our our interview below: …Continue reading

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