Protecting Vulnerable Clients from Reverse-Heartbleed

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Over the past week, most of the discussion about the Heartbleed vulnerability focused on how to protect public facing servers. Many organizations sought to mitigate the risk using intrusion protection or other measures while they created and installed emergency patches.

There’s no question that the Heartbleed vulnerability introduced a major vector of risk to companies around the world. Given that an attacker could exploit Internet-facing servers and access privileged information, it is clear why these measures were necessary.

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IEC 62443: The New Gold Standard for Network Segmentation in ICS and SCADA networks

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In the past two months, I’ve attended various conferences, including the Smart Grid and SCADA Cybersecurity event in London, where experts discussed the protection of critical infrastructure, more specifically, the electricity, gas and water distribution systems, as well as transportation and emerging smart city grids. Protecting these is paramount to avoid the socio-economical impact of a cyber attack on those grids.

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“There’s So Much Busted and the Bad Guys Are Everywhere.”

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As a well-known speaker, author and researcher in IT security, Dan Kaminsky doesn’t exactly hold back. Earlier this month at Ignite 2014, Dan urged enterprise security experts to align in a common cause to fight back against cybercriminals. We also brought Dan into our Ignite 2014 video room to hear his take on cybersecurity trends and practical advice for Palo Alto Networks customers and partners to address this unprecedented time in the industry.

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