Palo Alto Networks News of the Week – March 28

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Here’s the top Palo Alto Networks news from this last week.

News of the Week

Ignite 2015 is next week! We detailed five reasons why you should attend this year’s conference, and announced a contest to design your own datacenter.


Unit 42 discovered a widespread vulnerability in Google’s Android OS, dubbed “Android Installer Hijacking,” estimated to impact 49.5 percent of all current Android users. Here’s how Android Installer Hijacking works, suggestions for mitigation, and two of the paths that could lead to a compromised Android device. …Continue reading

Design Your Own Datacenter at Ignite 2015

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There are hundreds of ways to design your cloud-computing architecture. At Ignite 2015, we are giving you the pieces to create your perfect environment with next-generation security.

ignite 2015

Where do I get the design materials?

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Four Days to Register for Ignite 2015 & Five Reasons Why You Should

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Planning to attend Ignite 2015, but haven’t registered yet? There are just four days left to secure your seat at the conference where your toughest security challenges get solved. Still looking for reasons to attend? Here are five:

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