These Are the Necessary Conversations on Cybersecurity

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Everyone who has experienced a breach has had to have an “uncomfortable talk” with their employees or customers at some point. Telling people who know and trust your brand that they are at heightened risk is never a fun or easy discussion. I know, as in my past life at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and serving the National Security Council, I shared in the thankless mission of helping agencies and companies to respond to, and recover from exactly these kinds of breaches.

It’s a glaring reality for businesses and government agencies that, despite upgrades to their IT infrastructure, security hasn’t kept pace. Networks could be protecting millions of customers’ data or enabling global operations, but most often organizations still have struggled with moving beyond legacy architectures and appropriately addressing their risk posture. For example, businesses that have undergone mergers and acquisitions face circumstances where old networks are bolted on to existing architectures, joining legacy systems to modern IT environments often with little thought to the new risks that are introduced. The fallout is that breaches repeatedly continue to take place exposing bank accounts, e-mail correspondence, and personally identifiable information.  …Continue reading

Get Ready for Breach Prevention Week!

Our first ever Breach Prevention Week (#preventbreaches) kicks off July 14. We have four great days worth of activities and invite you to learn more about how to boost operational efficiency and enable applications while preventing cyber attacks before they happen.

You’ll also find out why the Palo Alto Networks Security Platform, combined with sophisticated analysis and enhanced automation, is the best defense against attacks targeting networks, endpoints and cloud-enabled data centers.

See below for a daily schedule and click the links to register:

…Continue reading

Palo Alto Networks News of the Week – July 4

Check out all of the top Palo Alto Networks news from this past week.

Palo Alto Networks News of the Week updated

Rick Howard introduced this year’s Cybersecurity Canon committee and reminded you to share your review of the book you think should be nominated for induction into the canon.

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Scott Ciccone explored the benefits of Palo Alto Networks Academy. …Continue reading

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