People of Palo Alto Networks: Stephen Whyte

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Technology is great. People are better. “People of Palo Alto Networks” celebrates the employees who preserve our unique culture of innovation and collaboration.

Episode 4

Stephen Whyte
Support Manager …Continue reading

Attack Campaign on the Government of Thailand Delivers Bookworm Trojan

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Unit 42 recently published a blog on a newly identified Trojan called Bookworm, which discussed the architecture and capabilities of the malware and alluded to Thailand being the focus of the threat actors’ campaigns.

In this blog, we will discuss the current attack campaign along with the associated threat infrastructure and the actor’s tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). The following list provides a summary of the threat actors TTPs, which we will cover in this blog:

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Customer Spotlight: A More Secure Cloud Means Better Service from Nexon

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NexonNexon Asia Pacific, a Palo Alto Networks Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), has about 120 staff across offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Australia-based company covers about 200 enterprise clients, offering managed networking, telephony, and in recent years, cloud and application services. What Nexon sought — and found with Palo Alto Networks — was a way to manage security for the full stack of those services across one platform. …Continue reading

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